Courtney Palodichuk

2016 Scholarship Winner, renewed for 2017

You often hear the saying “they were born to do it”, and that is exactly how we feel about Courtney and art. From a young age we knew she was an artist, there was a peace that happened when she was working on art and you could see it reflected in her whole self. Courtney could take something so simple and make it a masterpiece. From painting to sketching and clay work to jewelry making, her talents are endless. As a parent I have seen that art has provided her an outlet for expression and has built up her self-confidence which is so important for a young woman.

Her talent has brought so much joy to so many lives. Courtney has provided beautiful pieces of art to families that capture a moment of time in their lives that may have been difficult, yet she made it beautiful through her sketches.

Courtney has not yet completely decided how she will use her amazing talent in the future, she has talked about being an art therapist for special needs children and whether this is her destination or there is another path she is meant to follow, I have no doubt that she will make a difference in many lives because of her gift.

Courtney is sorry she was unable to attend tonight as she is currently in Texas, but she wants you to know that she is so thankful for this generous scholarship and she will be putting it to good use this fall at Olympic College where she begins her next adventure in life.

Written by her mother, Tammi Palodichuk

Danielle Fox

2015-16 Scholarship Winner, renewed for 2017

“My love of art, creativity and communication is a passion and talent I have recently discovered I possess. I may not have a long history in the arts but it is something I plan to dedicate my heart and career to; communicating to an audience in any form of media that I can.”

Danielle Fox